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FALL 2018

Abyssinia Traditional Instrument Ensemble

This is a slow brewing project which aims to unite the traditional musical directions of Ethiopia's various (and sometimes conflicting) regional subcultures. I made a trip to Bahir Dar to do research on the habits and facilities of these phenomenal musical styles. This project is the brainchild of Ethiopian luminary Minyeshu Kifle. She has asked me to lead an ensemble.

Azielzoekerscentrum Rotterdam (AZC)

From September 1st, I will be leading a project to provide musical activities for the children at the refugee camp in Rotterdam. Though I expect to be rapping, playing Ed Sheeran songs and mousing out Fruity Loops there, I intend to use my knowledge of Arab, Kurd and East African styles to help these mostly Syrian, Eritrean and Somali folks get a foothold in this very cryptic Dutch society.

Kade 40

This thriving cultural center and makeshift music school on the harbor of Vlaardingen is the home base of many of my activities.


This former youth concert center (OJC Pandamonium) in downtown Vlaardingen is now a private endeavor and home to art galleries, concerts, workshops, parties and other community oriented fun. I organize concerts here about 4 times a year. Vlaardingen's best kept secret!

Lowland Villa

This growing collective of music educators is bent on dusting off the bad habit of separating artists from students and teachers. Keep your eye on this organization!

Muziek aan de Waterweg

Bringing music lessons to primary schools after hours has been the ambition of this teachers' guild since the breakup of Muziekcentrum Opmaat. Some of the region's best, most experienced teachers reside in this collective. This is the place to go when in search of an authentic, professional music teacher. The best teachers tend to fly under the radar.

Open Studio Rotterdam Ijsselmonde

The hugely successful brainchild of Rotterdam renaissance woman Marjet Roerink offers a springboard to starting artists in Rotterdam South, arguably the home of Holland's greatest concentration of artistic edge and potential. I spend Tuesdays here as musical 'fixer'.

Open Studio Vlaardingen

I manage this offshoot of the Rotterdam version in Kade 40. Everyone with any artisitic prowess is welcome to come see how we can help. Some talented folks are making waves here. Every Thursday at 7:30 pm during the school year.


Rotterdam Regional Theater (Rotterdams Wijktheater) sponsors this inspiring, music filled play about musicians in their golden years. I'll be helping with the songs and performing on some occasions.