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Dear Visitors,

I created these algorithms to address specific issues in my lessons in a fun way. Unfortunately they're only effective on computers with a keyboard and large screen. Don't expect too much of my ergonomic programming ability! I will also be using this page to distribute specific lesson items for my students. Feel free to browse!

This fun app will test your ability to maintain a tempo. Good musicians should score well. Try to make an even, flat line with the tempo dots by tapping a key in even rhythm on your keyboard (tap screens don't work, unfortunately). The slow tempos are the hardest!
This guitar neck display illustrates the answer to the questions so many guitarists and other musicians have about chords and their relationships to scales (keys). Play around with it for a while. It might just help you to finally understand how this whole music theory thing works!
Get on the fast track to learning how to sightread! This rediculous app has given some of my students a huge jump start in learning the notes on the guitar neck. Use a home computer or a laptop for this one. Remember, I'm no Steve Jobs!

Cheers! Enjoy!


Extra Stuff :

Diatonic Scale Positions
Here are the five universal diatonic scale positions for guitar. Click here and learn them! It doesn't matter which style of music you'll be playing. These are always useful! Printable PDF also available.