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Donnie DuVall - Music Instructor (guitar, bass guitar, band, ensemble)

Lessons, workshops and groups led by Donnie DuVall vary greatly from one another, as students and participants are given a myriad of choices in how they make their music. Students' favourite styles of music are integrated into a program of improvisation, interpretation and of composing one's own music. Hard work, creative thinking, striving for quality, humour and fun play a major role in how these workshops play out.

Donnie began his career in the turbulent punk-rock scene in Richmond, Virginia USA. He later studied classical and jazz guitar, performance, pedagogy, composition and arrangement at Virginia Commonwealth University under John Patykula. Here he rubbed shoulders with guitar greats like Duck Baker, John Jackson, Leo Kottke, David Russell, Jesus Silva and John Scofield. In 1993 he emigrated to Holland and began a successful English speaking lesson practice in Eindhoven. He eventually learned the Dutch language and became a highly regarded instructor at the Centrum voor de Kunsten (Center for the Arts) in Eindhoven, Gehannes band coaching, Kunstkwartier Art Center in Helmond, Opmaat Music School in Vlaardingen and is now co-founder of the independent artist/teacher collectives Muziek aan de Waterweg and Lowland Villa.

Donnie maintains a rich performance career which he considers essential to passing on his love for the art of music. Minyeshu Kifle, Rei Satoshi, Izaline Calister and Oleg Fateev are just a few of the top international artists who have worked with Donnie. His compositions and arrangements have been performed by the Metropole Orchestra, The Dutch Wind Ensemble, The Euregio Orchestra and The New Cool Collective.

Many of Donnie's former students have advanced to become sublime professionals, some in esteemed bands and ensembles: They are currently members of the Stef Bos Band, Dotan, Diggy Dex, Eefje de Visser, Anneke van Giersbergen, Hippe Gasten, and Kenny B.

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